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What We Do

We appreciate that you do what you do because that is your talent and skill, we do what we do because this is our talent and skill and guess what - we LOVE it.  Often Entrepreneurs can feel overwhelmed by all the paperwork and tax compliance issues and that's not what you signed up for.  We have worked successfully alongside many in your situation and working as a team we can take away the stress involved with the paperwork and you can be left to enjoy what you do.


In March 2006 Lynn felt the need to 'bridge the gap' between the large accountancy firms and the ordinary 'man in the street' needing pure simple straightforward tax advice and guidance for their business at a realistic price.  And so Figure It Out was born...




Our Team

The FIO team all have their own individual strengths and join together as a force to be reckoned with!  We work together as a well-oiled machine and will consider individual clients specific needs so that the best outcome can be achieved.  We try to look at individual businesses from a 3 dimensional perspective, while one of the team views a business from one side another will be looking at it from a different angle.  This way we can offer advice that is more valuable to you. 

FIO will...


  • Figure out a way to help you suceed financially in business

  • Include you in the running of your business without bogging you down with the paperwork

  • Operate at a level of understanding that is suitable to you and your specific requirements.



The FIO team establish a one-to-one relationship with each of our clients so our advice will be customised for YOU.


Whether you are a starting out business or a small business looking to grow, our friendly and approachable FIO team will provide a personal accounting service with innovative and practical solutions ensuring your success.

Why Us?

FIO's point of difference in the marketplace is that we build strong client-accountant relationships because we want you to succeed - because we care about YOU!!

Practice Areas
  • Income Tax Returns

  • GST & FBT Returns

  • Annual Accounts

  • ​Financial Analysis

  • Budgeting & Cash Flow

  • Statutory Compliance 

  • Software Solutions

  • 'Cloud' solutions

  • HR Consulting

Payment Options

Cash is king



"Cash is king" is an expression sometimes used in analyzing businesses or investment portfolios. It may refer to the importance of cash flow in the overall fiscal health of a business.


 Many of our clients like the option of "smooth payments" during the year which means they are effectively paying their accounting fees and business advisory services real time with a final"wash-up" invoice once the end of year accounts and tax returns are completed.  This is helpful to every businesses cashflow and with the prospect of only a small final invoice it makes budgeting and planning more accurate.


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