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In today's world it really is a challenge to keep a balance between work and family life.  All too often we see families drift apart due to the unforeseen pressures of life.


We are very passionate about families staying together and we believe the anchor that will keep a family from drifting apart is a successful marriage.  Lynn and Steve have been involved with and supporting an organisation called Familylife for over 15 years.  They are a wonderful group of people whom have come together as a result of facing their own adversities in their marriages/relationships. They have taken the techniques they have learned while overcoming the failings in their own personal lives and share them with other couples to help build stronger, better relationships that will result in happier, closer families.


Please check out their website

Testimonials from Familylife Attendees

  • I wished I have come to this seminar earlier.  It showed me that relationship can be improved and can be so much better. The speakers felt real and genuine with plenty of experience to offer.


  • We have truly enjoyed our time together.  It’s been refreshing and it has given us an opportunity to discuss important aspects of our marriage and family.  It has rekindled our love and passion for each other.


  • Saved us from the likelihood of break up.


  • It has been amazing!  We were here 10 years ago and it's our second time here. So that speaks volumes. We are so grateful for FamilyLife. Absolutely life changing ☺


  • Truly incredible! We’ve reconnected and built a solid foundation for our marriage. We’ve learned useful practical skills for understanding each other, resolving conflict and building an excellent (not just an ordinary) marriage.


  • Great impact, didn’t realise what we were missing out on


Upcoming Events

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